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Call Comfort Profit Consulting Inc. now! Besides providing the most aggressive pricing available, we'll look into billing for errors and fight for refunds. We will review your billing to ensure you are not being over billed.


Our aim is to provide you with the most aggressive pricing available while reducing your utility spend. Whether it's your electric billing or natural gas billing needs, we follow the same approach.

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Other retrofit consultation services

  • Assists companies with lighting retrofits

  • Helps with implementing energy efficient equipment

  • Improves lighting by using better technology that cuts down cost

  • Helps with utility rebates and your available tax benefits

  • Helps get grant money even for completed projects up to 3 years later

Not just lighting, it can be any other energy efficient project. Be it 24-hour gyms or manufacturing companies, factories, industrial parks, or YMCAs, any facility that stays open 24-hours a day is a good fit for retrofit.


If there are more hours of operation, the payback will be quicker. We will help to get your return on investment sooner.

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